Should I take Claritin instead of prednisone for allergies?

Patient: Hi,Years ago, i have a level 4 Allergy. I could not breath and sometimes have a chest pain. My Doctor says that Loratidine (claritin) will not cure it because the allergy already reaches my heart.She gave me PREDNISONE. I took it for 1 week treatment and it really helps.Now i have allergies again but its not that severe.1. Can I take claritine instead or should I take prednisone?

Symptoms: Itchiness, allergy

Doctor: You should avoid self-medication and rather visit your doctor for a review. In certain severe conditions, corticosteroid s may be life saving and may be preferred as an adjunct therapy with conventional anti-histaminic like claritine. However, it should be strictly taken under medical supervision. Long term self-medication may have systemic side effects and steroid dependency. With your description, it seems that you are suffering from Allergic Asthma. In such cases, prophylactic (preventive) medication plays an important role to limit exacerbation of symptoms during acute exposure to offending environmental factors.