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Should I take Plan B

Dear Ask The Doctor:
My boyfriend and I just had sex this evening. The condom broke. My period is due this weekend. Should I take the Plan B pill if my period is pretty regular?


Hello, I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. According to you it is approximately 5 days before your next menstrual period. If you are certain about your cycles, then t would be very unlikely for you to become pregnant.At this time of your cycle the Ovum might have not been fertile anymore and would probably just be waiting for your body to get rid of it with the menstruation which also carries the Uterine Lining in the Process called Menstruation. You wont need to take Plan B when it is less than 7 days from your due date, but again you have to be very certain when using the Calendar method.In the future, if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies you might want to consult your primary care physician for more information on contraceptive methods and the best choice for you. I wish you the best.

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