Should I take Plan b? i have missed a pill.

Patient: I had unprotected sex last night but am on birth control. My pack starts on Sundays but I missed it this week. I doubled up on Monday and took it on time yesterday night as well. He pulled out as well. Do I still need to consider getting Plan B or were my pills still effective enough?

Doctor: Hello,If you have been on a break for a week for your birth control pills and had unprotected sex in this cycle witho ut being on the pills, then even though he had pulled out, chances are that pre cum can even may cause pregnancy. So, it would be better if you can take an emergency contraception within 72 hours to be doubly sure to not to get pregnant at all. As you have not started the pill pack which was to be started from day 1 of menses to cover up for the ovulation period by building up levels in blood but as a week was lost , chances are that ovulation may not be inhibited and hence chances of pregnancy are also existent.Hence, plan -b is recommended.Also, you must omit the pill pack for this month and practice barrier contraception instead and start the fresh pack from the first day of the withdrawal bleed which should occur within 7 days from plan-b intake. If the bleeding is not resumed, then you may perform a serum beta HCG test to rule out pregnancy.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards