Should I take protein supplement?

Patient: Hello there. Can you please tell me if I need to take whey protein. I’m not an athlete, I go on 4 jogs a week. But I’ve read that someone with around 90-100 kilograms of weight like me should take about 110 and more grams of protein per day. I try to balance the diet I have, eggs, meats, fish, grains, nuts and seeds, and limit the greasy foods to rare occasions. So am I alright with the foods or should I get some whey protein. If I should how much of the whey should I be taking? Thanks 🙂

Doctor: If you keep a balanced and healthy diet you should have all your protein requirements covered. These are the most common types of protein powders used by bodybuilders and athletes: Egg, Casein, and Whey. Casein has a high glutamine content( amino acid glutamine), which can benefit bodybuilders and athletes by helping preserve muscle mass and aiding immune system function, also has more absorption. Casein protein digests slowly, making it an ideal protein to consume before bed time, or anytime throughout the day when there will be a prolonged amount of time between meals. Egg protein is absorbed by the body at a rate in between the fast absorbing whey protein, and the slow absorbing casein protein. You can eat hardboiled eggs instead of spending money on egg protein. Egg protein is low in calories and has a great amino acid profile. Egg protein can be consumed at most meals throughout the day.  It’s also a good choice if you are trying to cut body fat. Whey protein is the most commonly consumed type of protein supplement on the market.  It’s easily digestible, has an extremely high biological value, and is relatively inexpensive. Whey protein may help stimulate muscle growth by increasing insulin-like growth factor-1. Since whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein, consuming it before and after your workouts is ideal.  Consuming it in the morning along with another type of protein is also advisable.