Should I use progesterone cream to prevent threatened miscarriage?

Patient: I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first I had spotting and a “threatened miscarriage”. I also, might have been told that my progesterone levels were low. I am not able to get to a doctor soon to have my levels checked right now. My question is would it hurt to use an over the counter natural progestone cream. Thank you

Doctor: Use of progesterone in any form is not recommended during pregnancy due to possible harmful effects to the unborn baby. Progesterone supplement (if used) to prevent the risk of threatened miscarriage should be carried out under the supervision of your doctor and with careful monitoring of the hormone level in the blood. Also progesterone creams or suppositories do not have any therapeutic effect on the prevention of miscarriage, and on the other hand its use may harm your baby.