Should i wait for the bleeding to stop before i try a home pregnancy test kit?

Patient: I had unprotcted sex with my boyfriend 2 weeks after the onset of my period, but he pulled out before ejaculation. i generally get my periods on time, which is around 26-27 of the month. last month i had an early period though ( about 22nd-23rd february 2014). this month i almost thought i missed my periods, but on 30th i bled with real painful cramps. (dnt know if implantation bleeding happens so late)this is light with no clotting and not like my normal periods and i continue bleeding as i type this( been more than 24 hrs). i dont know if i am pregnant. all over the internet i find confusing information. i am planning to go for a medical abortion with pills. am juss 22 and we are not prepared for baby right now. and should i wait for the bleeding to stop before i try a home pregnancy test i pregnant?

Symptoms: no symptoms

Doctor: Thank you for your query.From your query with whatever information I could gather I would like to convey that you go f or a home pregnancy test after wiping dry your vagina free of blood collect the urine to test for pregnancy. Generally implantation bleeding will not take place so late. It occurs between 6 – 7 days after the sexual intercourse if ovulation occurred on the same day. If the pregnancy test comes positive then with the help of a health care provide you can opt for pills for a medical abortion. It is advisable that once the bleeding, after the abortion stops say about a week or so it is advisable to see a doctor for scan who will confirm if the abortion is complete or not.Hope that answers your query.Have a Good day.