Should I wait to take another pregnancy test

Patient: I need help, I thought I might be pregnant. I had sex last month when I was ovulating, and I’m late for my period by 7 days. My breasts hurt, my nipples are itchy, I’m nauseous, and I’ve had cramps like normal but nothing but discharge. I took a test an expensive pregnancy test this morning but it came back negative. Any ideas?

Symptoms: Cramps, nauseated, back ache,

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.As you had unprotected intercourse around the time of ovulati on, there is possibility of pregnancy if all other factors are normal.In case of regular periods, usually urine pregnancy test kit can detect pregnancy one week after missed period.Though your symptoms are suggesting pregnancy, we cannot come to one conclusion just by symptoms.So,in case of previous history of regular periods, go for blood test for pregnancy now.This can give more accurate result compared with urine test.If you are having irregular periods, wait for one more week and repeat urine test.Take care.