Shoulder Bursitis

Patient: Ultrasound of the right Shoulder and the results are as follows The biceps tendon and rotator cuff tendons appear with in normal limits with no evidence of focal tears or tendinities There is inflamatory thickening of the subacrominal bursa This is associated with bursal bunching on abduction Comment There is inflamatory thickening of the subacromial bursa. Can you advice what to do as the pain in the shoulder coming in to the arms is not going away?

Doctor: Bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa caused by repetitive use, trauma, infection, or systemic inflammatory disease. Th ese synovial-lined sacs are filled with minimal amounts of fluid to facilitate movement during muscle contraction and they serve as a buffer between bone and muscle. First, you have to be patient because it takes quite some time for the improving of the symptoms as pain and inflammation. The conservative treatment includes: rest, avoid movements that cause pain, local ice or local warm compresses (which works the best for you), anti inflammatory medication (“Motrin”, “Aleve”), physical therapy and Range of Motion exercises. If after a while, the improvement is poor and you continue to have pain, I strongly recommend you  re evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon and consider local injection.