Shoulder first time Subluxation

Patient: I was recently playing football and after a big hit i felt as if my shoulder dislocated but all that i felt like was my shoulder popped out then popped back in, is this a sign for concern?

Doctor: At that time you probably had a Subluxation of the shoulder, the head of the humerus did not go completely out of the j joint socket and went back in. I would advise you to be careful with your shoulder in the future, because repeated subluxations or luxations of the shoulder deteriorate the capsule and ligaments of the joint , causing chronic pain and instability that may be end up in having an operation to correct recurrent shoulder dislocations. Actually, there are many studies that have shown the increased likelihood of traumatic shoulder  arthritis in patients with multiple shoulder dislocations. The operation may consist of both open or arthroscopic treatment of the cause of instability, and of course a Rehabilitation program after surgery to control pain, limitation and regain full function. So, for now try to avoid movements and activities that can potentially cause shoulder dislocation and work out to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder joint.