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Shoulder impingement not going away.

Patient: I have had a shoulder impingement for about a year now. I had the same problem 3 years ago but after a year and a half it recovered. Swimming caused the problem to return. What can I do to help my problem, such as exercises and stretches and will running help or hurt?


Symptoms: Pain

Doctor: Hello,Thank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”Shoulder impingement syndrome is also known as swimmer’s shoul houlder. Hence, we should not be surprised to have a relapse of pain after swimming. SIS is a condition of tendonitis and bursitis around the shoulder joint, leading to pain and restricted movements at shoulder.The diagnosis is better done with CT scan of Shoulder.Rest of the part, physiotherapy and stretching workout shall help in relieving pain.However in persistent cases as in your case, local injection of Lidocaine and steroid is usually given by doctor at painful site. It has both diagnostic and therapeutic value.Please consult your doctor.Wish you a good health.


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