Shoulder injury from work out

Patient: I am a gym player i feel pain when i perform some specific exercises not all in the gym i made a scan and it showed the following 1) focal anterior upper bursal side thickness girth loss seen to target the supraspinatus tendon ;almost 2.2 cm from the humeral inserton site partial tendon 30% girth is suggested2)haze and iregular outlines of the anterior inferior glenoid labrum ,abnormal intermediate signals in T2* …early bankarts tear3)mild gh joint effusionmy question is can i continue in gym and does my injury will get healed with no surgery and how much time will it take and if i need to have a rest from a the gym

Symptoms: I feel a moderate pain when i press with my finger on a point in the front shoulder plus i notice that the the right bench doesnt grow well and the injury is in the right shoulder