Shoulder pain

Patient: Here is my reportLeft shoulder joint was studied with 3 mm thin slices in the axiall coronal and sagital oblique plane. T1w1, t2w1, STIR, fat saturated proton density and gradient eco sequences were obtained.The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis, teres minor, deltoid muscles as well as their tendons reveal NO ABNORMALITY. The long head Of biscep tendon is NORMAL.The glenoid labrum is intact. Superior, middle and interior gleno humeral ligament are intact.The acromian is a type two acromian.The acromio-claviculAr joint reveals no abnormality.There is no fracture, dislocation or bone destruction seen.No abnormal soft tissue Mass identifiedIMPRESSIONNo diagnostic pathology is identified

Symptoms: Pain in shoulder when arm is raised above shoulder