Shoulder pain due to a heavy fall

Patient: I fell over the other day and landed on my shoulder, specifically the area on the back of the shoulder just by the joint, it’s now 2 days after and my shoulder is slightly swollen and only a little bit bruised, however my collar bone has began to start swelling and touching it makes me feel like I need to be sick. It’s causing me a lot of pai and I’m unable to raise my arm to make a straight line along the collar none down my arm ( if that makes sense ahah). It’s also grinding and clicking quite a lot when I do move it, I’ve been taking ibuprofen every 4 hours or so and applied ice but the pain it still very strong, do you think I should go see a doctor/visit A&E or is it not worth it???

Symptoms: Very painful, swelling, slight bruising

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you may have sustained a severe contusion (bruise) of your rotator cuff (shoulder joint), or even a possible fracture, which also involves the clavicle (collar bone). Despite your home treatment, it does not seem to be improving and this leads us to believe that the injury may be serious. We recommend that you go to your nearest urgent care center or emergency department for a full evaluation. You may need to have an x ray and MRI to determine the severity of the injury, and locate any possible fractures. Please seek medical attention.Thank you for consulting