Shoulder pain from working out with dumbbell press

Patient: I was doing a dumbbell press and when I set the weights down I think I over stretched my shoulder it has been in pain for 5 days but has been slowly receding bit by bit it is oddly on and off pain like it will hurt for one minute and be fine for the next minute and usually hurts at night. what I want to know is can I still bench press ? and is this something I should get checked out ? and have I torn something that will require surgery possibly ?




Doctor: Most likely you had an acute episode of Rotator Cuff Injury. The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that support the sho ulder. These tendons can be injured during incorrect technique weight lifting, when playing sports with a lot of throwing. Conservative treatment of the Rotator Cuff injuries involves: physical therapy to control pain and keep range of motion of the shoulder, rest, ice, avoidance of painful movements and activities; anti-inflammatory medications (i.e.: “Advil”, “Aleve”). The healing time is variable and depends on the severity of the initial injury and each person in particular. I suggest that you avoid completely any movement or activities that may cause the pain get worse, in that way you will give it enough time to heal. Try to sleep with a pillow between the trunk and arm to decrease tension on the supraspinatus tendon and to prevent blood flow compromise in its watershed region.

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