Shoulder Pain – Questions Your Doctor Will Ask

Patient: I have major shoulder pain to the point i can not use my arm when I move my arm certain ways. I can feel something being pinched inside my shoulder and sending sharp pains down my back.  My hand has been going numb a lot and my shoulders itch so bad here recently

Doctor: A proper diagnosis of joint pain requires a proper examination. The cause of your pain could be related to abnormalities of the bony structure, abnormalities of the surrounding soft tissue(muscles, tendons, ligaments), or abnormalities of the nerves in the area.The type of injury can often be diagnosed with a proper history.  Your doctor will ask you the location of pain, radiation of the pain, relieving factors, aggravating factors, possible mechanisms of injury or repetitive motions and also ask you to describe and quantify the pain.Your symptoms suggest the condition is worsening. I would suggest seeing your family doctor as soon as possible with the answers to the above questions in mind.