Shoulder pain with right hand tingling, no answers?

Patient: Hi, i have been kind of concerned with my shoulder pain lately. I have never had any problems with my shoulder and I went to my doctor who sent me to see an orthopedic doctor. My shoulder has been popping and is hard to move at times. My regular doctor told me that when my arm goes at an angle and up it has no pulse. That really concerns me. It didn’t seem to concern the orthopedic doctor as much. He ordered an EMG to make sure no nerve damage which came back negative according to the doctor that did the test. I am assuming he will do an MRI next but i still have no answers. I am just concerned that if there is no pulse in my arm at certain times that maybe something majorly is going on and that i am the only one that seems to be concerned by it. Please help!?

Symptoms: Numbness, Tingling in right hand, Pain in right Shoulder

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that the problem with your shoulder could be due a problem with your rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is comprised by a group of muscles and ligaments which surround the shoulder joint and assists in its articulation. When the rotator cuff is injured nerves can become entrapped, or pinched resulting in pain, and paresthesia (numbness and tingling). We recommend that you avoid strenuous activity while you await the MRI of your shoulder. You may also benefit from taking oral analgesic medication, and applying ice to the affected shoulder. The MRI results should be able to illustrate if there is a problem with your rotator cuff. Treatment of rotator cuff injuries depends on the severity of the injury. First, rest and physiotherapy can assist in rehabilitating the shoulder. If the rotator cuff injury is severe, involving torn muscles or ligaments then surgical correction may be indicated.Thank choosing with your medical question.