Shoulder pains and finger numbness after exercising

Patient: After preforming my first set of pull-ups the other day at the gym I developed a dull aching pain in my left shoulder. Initially it caused pain all down my arm and numbness and tingling in my ring and pinky finger which subsided after a couple of minutes. It’s been a week since this has happened and I’ve just taken a break from the gym to recuperate; however the shoulder is still in pain, esp if I try to stretch my arm back at a 90 degree angle out from my side. Also, depending on how I move my shoulder around I can feel a clicking a popping sensation, which wasn’t there before. The day before this happened I was working out my shoulders (clean and jerks, upright rows, shrugs). From what I’ve read it seems to be a rotator cuff issue. I also came across some information regarding an injury to the C8-T1, which would cause the numbness to occur in the fingers. Any advice one what I should do to fix this injury would be greatly appreciate! Thank you very much!

Doctor: From your description it seems that you may have had a rotator cuff injury . However the duration of the symptoms, the p resence of neurological symptoms like tingling and numbness and the popping sensation concern me. This could also be a mild shoulder disclocation or a rotator cuff injury or a neck injury that has lead to compression of the nerves supplying the upper limb.You need to have an xray of the shoulder as well as the neck just to be sure and also see you physician for a physical examination of the shoulder joint.Take rest and also ice the area in order to reduce the pain and inflammation. All the best.