Shoulder problem requiring surgery?

Patient: My boyfriend has to have surgery on his shoulder but we do not have the money for the surgery or for him to take off of work for the surgery and recovery process.He does not have insurance. he is in allot of pain and it is getting worse. the doctor he has went to told him his nerves may be damaged and it will continue to keep dislocating on him if he does not have the surgery. His hands are swollen when he wakes up in the morning and gets sharp pains throughout his arm. what can we do?

Doctor: It is not clear in your question the reason why your boyfriend is requiring surgery, is it because multiple shoulder dis locations? Or is it because he has a acute tendon injury? In any case is important to know for sure the cause. Also you do not provide enough information about the development of the problem, MRI reports, so this lack of information makes extremely difficult to provide you with a specific answer. But I can tell you that if a recurrent shoulder dislocation is the case of your boyfriend, he is at risk of recurrent shoulder instability, and then operative care should be highly considered. Numerous studies have shown the increased likelihood of traumatic glenohumeral arthritis in patients with multiple shoulder dislocations. Operative care may consist of both open and arthroscopic treatment of the cause of instability, and of course a Rehabilitation program after surgery to control pain, limitation and regain full function.