Shoulder torn ligament

Patient: Hi Doc,My father is a 71 year old man suffering a severe torn ligament on his left shoulder. He isn’t able to lift the arm above chest high and is having a lot of difficulty sleeping at night due to sharp pain. He has high blood pressure and has many joint issues so he might be a poor candidate for physical therapy. He also had a foot surgery about a year ago with general anesthesia that he appears to be still recovering from. One of his doctors recommended surgery for his shoulder yet the operation has been put on hold right now because of his high white cell count. They are waiting for that issue to be dealt with before proceeding. However, this gives him and the family more time to think about whether or not he should go through with the operation. On the one hand he’s put a lot of hopes into this surgery that it would heal his pain and give him more mobility on his left arm. On the other hand, he has been told that he is at risk of prolonged POCD with general anesthesia and might lose his independence should something happens during the surgery. The family is going out of our mind (everyone is depressed and desperate) and will be very grateful of any advise you can provide.Thank you!!!