Shrinkage of penis

Patient: I am 25 years male habituated of masturbation a lot (too much, 2 – 3 times a day when free but 1 time a day in busy day before sleep it act like sleeping pill for me even now) now i am observing shrinkage in my penis and also very weak sperm like water which put me in a deep worryi have consulted a homeopathic doctor who assured me that things will be normal in 3 -4 months and i have stopped masturbation now and keeping my self very busy in other stuff then porn.and one of my friend visited a herbal (Unani) doctor for power up and he was praising that doctor so i was willing to give a go for iti was willing to to control can regain my sexual power back as i am planning for a marriage3.can i take unani and homeo medicines much time it takes.

Symptoms: Shrinkage of penis