Sick on right side of head at neck along with dizziness

Patient: Can I have an ear infection that is not visible by ENT visual inspection? I have fullness and pressure in ear, neck, jaw. Neck and under chin, right side feels tight, swollen and hard but it doesn’t seem to be visible from outside. I have chills and hot flashes. I feel sick in the neck. Dizzy, Off balance and nausious. Worst in the morning. ENT says I should go to dentist to see about Jaw issues. I have to root canals that I want endodontis to check to see if they have failed. Nothing seems to be showing up in blood, etc. But yet I feel so sick! What can this be? Comments?

Doctor: While you may have a ear infection which is not showing changes to the ear drum and thus does not show physical signs th e other symptoms like loss of balance, stiffness around jaw are symptoms which are concerning.This may be due to the teeth issues you have or some kind of jaw pathology ( ie temporomandibular joint).However if you are also having symptoms like visual disturbances and headaches i would suspect Temporal arteritis which is condition which can be dangerous and needs immediate treatment. You can get your ESR and C Reactive protein levels checked just in case. All the best.