Sickle cell trait or Sickle cell disease

Patient: Baby 16 month old blood test results Hb A 58% , Hb S 35.5%. Is my baby ill? what form of thalasemia is or its sickle cell?

Symptoms: She looks a bit white in the face,but palms and eyes are ok

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,Presence of HbS (35%- which should be ideally zero after 8 mont hs), but with a higher proportion of HbA than HbS is – Sickle cell trait (HbAS) or sickle ╬▒-thalassemia.So your daughter has either of the two. This needs an evaluation by the haematologist and further examination by the paediatrician for signs of cyanosis.I hope i have answered your query specifically,Regards