Sickness after taking birth control pill

Patient: Hi, I am on the contraceptive pill at the moment and am usually very good at taking it. However Tuesday night I was sick around 4-6 hours after taking my pill. I then had unprotected intercourse on Wednesday and took my pill as usual.. however Thursday night I was sick again around 4 hours after taking my pill. I’m unsure of what I should do. Please help. Thanks

Doctor: Thank you for your query.See if you started any new drug or supplement or made changes in your diet recently. These m aybe interacting with the birth control pill & making you feel sick. If the pill did not cause problems before why is it making you sick now. Otherwise discard the strip (check for the expiry date as well as the genuinity of the drug its seal etc) & start tablets from a fresh strip. You have not described of the symptoms of your sickness as well to comment further. If the problem persists visit a doctor.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.