Side effect of this medicine for epilepsy

Patient: Good evening Doctor,I want to know about the epilepsy.Four times happened something from sleep my doctor told this is epilepsy,What happened actually, first time June-2009- when I was sleeping early morning (near 5.00am to 6.30 am) I was lost my conscious near half an hour- but actually I don’t know my family told me before that I cried like see some dreams after that nothing and lost conscious also.second in 2009 December same happened when i was sleepingthird 2010 May samefourth Dec-2013 – all happened from bed early morningfrom 2010 june onwards I am taking medicine regularly. I continued it more than three years and still continueing.MRI – NECT SCAN – EEG all normal but only last scan( ( done 2014 Jnuaary ) they mentioned ceribrell atrophy ( i am 45 years old) and EEG normal.First two year I continued medicine Valprol CR 300 ( Valporic acid and Sodium Valporate)(morning one and night one)after that more than one year i used Valprol CR 200 (morning one and night one)last three month before used Valprol cr 300 only at nightafter that the forth time happened that case- So I met doctor again he changed that but i cannot continue that and I met another neuorologist he adviced me to continu the same medicine what I used first( Valprol CR 300)Still I am continuing this but I am too much tired doctorPlease advice me what I have to do if I use this medicine any side effect will happend or notnow i have sleepy mode -some time gastric problem – eye pain etcExpecting your great adviceThanking you