Side effects

Patient: Hello,I am a 23 year old female who suffers from severe depressive disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, seizure disorder, and chronic migraines. I was just recently prescribed Wellbutrin For the depression/anxiety. I am also prescribed nuerontin, klonopin, and lamictal. My doctor informed me that the Wellbutrin effects the dopamine and noreprinephrine levels. I wanted to know if topamax and Wellbutrin effected these same chemicals? Or if they are similar? I could not find any answers after much research online. I ask because I had serious adverse reactions to topamax when it was prescribed to me for migraines in the past, including extreme weight lost, no appetite and change the taste of food, difficulty speaking/finishing thought processes, tingling of my hands, and a significant worsening of my depression. I read that the side effects are similar, but wanted to know if the two drugs are similar as well? Is it more likely that I will have the same type of adverse reactions to the Wellbutrin because of how I reacted to the topamax? Thank you for your time!