Side Effects from Birth Control Pills

Patient: Background:26 year old female, suffer from GAD. Was put on Effexor last June. Doctor (psychiatrist) switched me to Cipralex February 1st to see if it helped the sexual side effects I had on Effexor.While on the anti depressants, I developed very heavy periods, occurring every 2 weeks. My family physician put me on the birth control pill ortho novum, which I started taking about a month ago.I was not happy with how I was feeling on the Cipralex, so I began weaning myself off and completed coming off of them over 2 weeks ago.My issue/question is that I have been suffering from terrible morning sickness/nausea/cramps, and mild dirrhea for the past 5 days. Also a slight adversion to some foods. I am absolutely NOT pregnant. I am wondering if my symptoms are from the new birth control pill or going off of Cipralex?

Symptoms: nausea, cramps, increased anxiety, aversion to some foods, fatigue