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Side effects from cortisone shot

Patient: Past hx 2 knee surg now 80 to 90% cartilage gone and arthritis..tore my meniscus 2 wks ago..had cortisol injection and now pain is excruciating and throbbing from knee to foot…side effects of cortisone shots?


Symptoms: Aching throbbing pain from knee to foot

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Cortisone is a steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that can be injected into the joints to alleviate pain, swelling, inflammation. In general, cortisone shots should relive your pain. It is possible that your pain could being caused by the actual torn meniscus injury you sustained two weeks ago. It is also possible that during the injection a blood vessel or nerve could have been accidentally damaged however this is very rare. Since your pain has become worse, it is important that you follow up with your doctor to determine if you torn meniscus requires immediate treatment either by bracing your knee or even surgery.Thank you for choosing


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