Side effects from Vertebral Artery Dissection

Patient: Hello,My mother in law is 60 years old and back in 2011 she had a vertebral artery dissection with stroke, this was not cause by an injury. She has diabetes and heart issues, and is overweight. After her stroke she has had issues with trying to remember things, forgetfulness, and a hard time communicating. I have tried to research VAD with stroke, and not one person has had any brain issues due to it happening to them. He brain issues is starting to wreck havoc within the family now, she has become very mean, not being honest, and making up stories. I am beginning to believe that she is now getting early signs of dementia, and that it has nothing to do with the VAD. I understand you are very limited as to what can be told to me. I am looking for advice on where to go, how to go about it with her. I have emailed Kessler (where she did rehab) also. She just keeps blaming it on her brain from the stroke, and I honestly don’t believe that is it.

Symptoms: Forgetfulness, making up stories, and blatantly being mean to family members. Taking things out of context

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor.The history you are describing fits into following:1. Dementia2. Frontal Lobe l esion.I suppose, you should see a neurologist. He will perform a SPECT imaging of the brain.You should support her.It’s her mind that is doing this.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy