Signs of high blood sugar. Today at 454, few nights ago 597.

Patient: Hi about 30 days back family doc checking reg blood test..found I’m test and recording 2 /day. could you tell me what high level symtoms are and what really high symtoms are??now it’s at 454. about 3 nites ago I text and was..597

Symptoms: Sweating.cold .throwing up

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Your blood sugar levels are extremely high.You need to be started on Treatment. Sym ptoms of Diabetes are weight gain or weight loss, recurrent infections, polyphagia, polyuria, polydipsia.Irrespective of the symptoms you need to be started on Treatment.I would advise you to get following investigations done:1. HbA1c2. Fasting lipid profile3. Serum creatinine4. Urine for microalbumin.5. ECG.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy!