Simple UTI or Prostate problems underlying?

Patient: Hello there. About a week ago, I discovered I had abrasions and skin tears on my penis. I put Neosporin on it, but then a day later, I noticed a burning or sensitive feel at the tip of my penis after urininating. When I looked, it looked like the opening was swollen or inflamed, almost look like lips rather than smooth. Thought it may be a reaction to the Neosporin. A day later, I found out the abrasions and tearing was caused by yeast infection. I started using an antifungal cream (Clotrimazole) and that stopped the cuts and abrasions after 2 days, but the urethral swelling remains.Today, I went to a clinic and got looked at. The Dr. saw the swelling and suspected a yeast infection. I went and got lab done and they found only small trace amounts of yeast. Dr commented that had a lot of glucose in urine and was making fertile ground for yeast and also irritating the tract. Was given a pill to take to clear it up.My question is, could this be really just a UTI or something more? Could it have something to do with the prostate? When I go to defecate and I push, when it passes the prostate I feel it and the pain on the tip increases. When it passes, it dies down. The very first day I noticed it, I pushed rather hard, then felt something slowly making its way down the urethra. When it finally got to the end, I squeezed it out and it was prostatic fluid and some semen. Ever since after that, I’ve had this. And even now, if I contract my pelvic muscles (like Kegel exercises), I can feel it on the swollen opening.Any help or ideas? Will the antibiotic be the magic bullet or is there something more underlying?