Since February I have had swelling off and on in my left eye

Patient: Since February I have had swelling off and on in my left eye. Originally they thought it was staph but quickly discarded that theory when no antibiotics worked and it wasn’t painful swelling. Every 2 weeks or so the swelling comes back in varying degrees of severity If I haven’t taken enough Benadryl . It always swells in the exact same eye. The fact that it keeps doing it in the same place seems strange to me. Is that common of an allergic reaction or could this potentially be something besides allergies? It does not react to other treatments , only Benadryl works for it but I’m tired of walking around perpetually drugged and want to know other solutions

Symptoms: Eye swelling shut, filled with fluid, no pus, itching/burning at sight of swelling. Left eye every time

Since February I have had s...-1

Doctor: You are suffering from a condition called Angioedema. The most common cause being allergy to some food item or drug (com monly seen with NSAID group of drugs). You should see an Allergy Specialist and undergo ‘Dermal Sensitivity Tests’ (conducted using modified, painless Skin Prick Method) to establish the cause of your allergy. In the mean while, it is important to maintain a personal diary and note down details like, the place of occurrence of such episodes, type of work/activity you were involved in, the food/medicines consumed in the last 12 hrs. before such episodes. This information, if recorded regularly, may give you a common link and help you to identify the cause of your allergy. Please share this information with your Allergy Doctor too.