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Single white, hard bump on inner labia majora

Patient: I had a single white, pimple like bump on my labia majora. It was round and hard and was hard to pop. When it was popped, blood came out. What is this exactly? Note: I was waxed 3 days prior to seeing this bump



Symptoms: Painless, bump on vagina; a little tender, no burning during urination, just a little irritation



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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, proper history and clear pictures.This is called Batholin’s cyst which has got infected he nce when you tried to pop the blood came as it might have ripen yet or the skin is not yet thinned enough.I would advise you the following:Get an antibiotic cover and take an anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen.Please do not pop, as popping will just remove the pus but not the wall of the cyst.If it opens on its own, you may then pop and express the pus.If not opened, consult your Gynecologist or surgeon for a procedure called Marsupialization. If the skin is free , the cyst can be removed in total and there will be no recurrence.Yeast infection might not have been related to it.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.Regards.

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Patient: Thank you so much Doctor. I have gotten this before. Is there any way I could prevent this in the future?

Doctor: The best way to prevent this is to excise this in-toto meaning along with the cyst ”wall”. Then this will not recur.


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