Sinus allergies due to diving

Patient: Two days after scuba diving i got sinus allergies,that resulted into dry mouth,fatigue,ear and throat ichingsore throat,ears congested,dry mouth. Consulted ENT specialist and x-rays showed haziness in frontal and maxillary sinuses and no movement in left ear drum. Doctor prescribed me montekulast tables(10 mg) and vitamin C (1 g) and clarythromycin. Its been two months that i am facing allergy symptoms. Sore throat and dry mouth is gone but i have congestion and iching in ear and throat and watery eyes,forehead pressure. I am also going through skin iching and sneezing but no rashes present. I have faced similar symptoms 4 years back but it was not that intense.Kindly provide me medication and help me to overcome allergies.

Symptoms: Sneezing,Ears and nose congestion,Skin,ear throat iching,watery eyes,forehead pressure.

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.I have read your query, reviewed your medications and understand you r concern.As per your clinical history, it appears that you are most probably having residual allergic sinusitis and ear congestion.Avoid any smoking, allergen, excess salt, tea coffee & stress. They will trigger attack.For sinus headache and symptomatic treatment,use saline nasal spray thrice daily,tab cetirizine 10 mg at night &tab Paracetamol.You will get relief.You can discuss this with your treating doctor.Hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any further questions I will be happy to help.

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Patient: Hello Doctor,
I took clarithromycin and fexofenadine for a week and my sorethroat was relieved.But i still have congested ears,itching in eyes,throat and ears.
From last two week i have dry ichy skin and sneezing.
I did CBC,ESR and Thyroid test , results were normal.
My ENT told that its allergies .
Could this be bacterial or fungal infection.?
Its been two months i have been facing these symptoms , that’s why i was more worried about it.

Doctor: Since your CBC is normal and symptoms you have are more associated with allergy ,infection is less likely.
Kindly continue antihistaminics for 15 more days.