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Sinus infection and traveling

Patient: I have a sinus infection and i am taking antibiotics for it right now. I am supposed to go backpacking in cambodia. is it okay for my health to go to a very hot and humid place right after/during the infection?



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your concerned.Noted that you are taking antibiiloc for sinus infe ction right now.Wants to know whether it is okay to go to a place which is hot and humid right after or during the infection.My advise will be:It all depends upon the following factors:If the clinical response to the antibiotics is good, there is improvement in your symptoms and overall health you can certainly go .You have to take the precautions:Continue the antibiotics.Take additional supportive medicines like decongestants, anti-inflammatory medicines, topical nasal decongestants, probiotics and multivitamins.Please talk to your treating Doctor so that you are given medicines for a complete course.I hope this answers your query and helps you too.Please feel free to communicate further if you need to.



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Patient: thank you for your response. I have had pneumonia 3times and just worried that I will go and get really sick. how do I know if I am truly better and not the “fake” better you can feel but then you go out and find that you’re not really better. I also have to be on a 20+hour flight.

Doctor: The ways to know that you are better are:
one becomes afebrile.
The color of the discharge becomes from yellow or green to white and mucoid.
Appetite improves .
There is improvement in constitutional symptoms like malaise, body ache and weakness.
Signs and tests:
On clinical evaluation and examination the Doctor feels that the inflammation is reduced, there is proper response to the treatment.
CT scan of the sinuses can enlighten more on the actual infection and improvements.

Patient: So prior to starting antibiotics my throat didn’t feel that tight and i didn’t have much of a cough. Now my thoat feels tighter and my jaw hurts way more and i have a horrible cough and i feel like i can’t breath well especially when I try to sleep.

Patient: I am coughing so hard that my back aches everytime

Doctor: Thanks for additional feedback.
With the recent information you have given about throat and coughing, back ache and unable to breath well especially on lying down, I think should defer the plan to fly for 20 hours.
Get well investigated and treated well first.


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