Sir, i am 22 years of old so i am working at gym

Patient: Sir, i am 22 years of old so i am working at gym so i think of taking mass gaining protien powder so it is good or bad to have protien powder and is there any side effects of taking it

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Nice to know that you’re are doing work-outs at Gym.The Problem with the mass-gaining p owder is that no one would know what exactly are the contents as many have seen side effects either during use or after stopping it.Hence, it is a bit risky to use such powders.And there are better alternatives.You can use the homemade proteins which are made of daily kitchen items like:Sprouted pulses, peanuts with jaggery, dals. If you can take non-veg then the boiled eggs, meat fish all are best natural sources of proteins.So the best way is to go for natural foods and food products.I hope this answer helps