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Sir, I am experiencing a back pain for 1 year The

Patient: Sir,I am experiencing a back pain for 1 year. The pain goes to the pelvic region and I can feel it while masturbating.My joints also have pain such knees and legs.I went to a doctor last two weeks and gave me some tablets which stopped temporarily the pain but now it is coming back.I think the causes of the pain are the following:1. I every day spend a lot of hours in front of computer as I am a computer programmer2. I daily masturbate3. I am fat with big belly and fat in the back4. I do few simple sports exercises like twice a weekKindly help me tell me how to cure this pain and which precautions I should take in life (daily routine, food, exercises, sex, etc..)Regards



Symptoms: Back pain, pervis pain near testes, knee pain, feet joint pains



Doctor: Hi.Welcome to Ask the Doctor. Thanks for your query.I have gone through your question in detail and understand you r concerns.Please find my observation below:> According to your history, I feel that your back pain which is radiating to your testes and legs can be because of Lumbar spondylosis or Disc disease. It may be related to your prolonged working hours, big belly and fat, lack of physical activity. It is no way related to masturbation.> In order to confirm the diagnosis or to come to an appropriate diagnosis, MRI of the Lumbosacral spine is usually done. Once when the diagnosis is confirmed, then accordingly treatment is planned.> Hence, I suggest you to get your MRI- LS spine done to come to an appropriate diagnosis.> In the meanwhile, I will share with you few things which you can follow:- Walking is the simplest and may be the best exercise for the lower back. It gets your blood moving and helps your muscles stay strong. So please make sure that you make walking as a part of your daily routine for at least 15-30 minutes/day.- Do not do heavy workouts or lift anything heavier.- Also see that you maintain a good posture while sitting, like select a chair with good backrest and armrest.- See that you do not sit for prolonged hours at the same place. Try to take breaks in between.- Try to lose weight if you are overweight.- Try to have a well balanced diet and have food that is rich in vitamin D like eggs, fishes, fortified milk, as Vitamin D makes your bones stronger and it is one of the preventable causes for back ache.- Also please visit a PHYSIOTHERAPIST so that he can guide you some proper exercises for the same.Hope I have answered your question in detail.Wish you good health.Take care.

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Patient: Thank you sir, I really appreciate your answer and am satisfied. an additional information, 5 months before one disk of my back was coming out I could touch that and feel that it was bigger than the others and when I was touching it I felt a pain. but I got masssage and it disappeared not all disk are normal.

Doctor: Hi.
Thanks for writing back with an update. You are always welcome.
– No need of stopping it, rather you can reduce the frequency of riding bikes. Just see that you avoid activities which involves bending or stooping forward.
– However, you need to follow all those lifestyle modifications which I shared with you in my previous answer, I hope you will definitely feel the difference.
Wish you All the Best.

Patient: Thank you very much dr. be blessed

Doctor: You are always welcome dear.
Happy that you are satisfied with my advice.
Do contact us whenever you need any second opinion/suggestions. We will be happy to help you.
Good luck.

Patient: Thank you sir,
I visited the doctor and found that my spine is normal with x-ray and have no problem the back pain comes from fat, prolonged sitting hours and fewer exercises. All things are the same as you told me, he gave me some tablets, and some exercises to daily do and recommended exactly what you recommended me. Thank you very much, Doctor be blessed and will stay in touch.

Doctor: Hi again.
You are always welcome dear.
I am feeling happy that you are satisfied by our service. And yes you can always stay in touch with us.
Wish you all the happiness and good health.
Take care dear.

Patient: Sir,
I have visited a doctor my back pain is alleviated only I am experiencing the knee and foot pain. I it increases when I work by feet under the sun as I am living in very hot country india. when I stay home without going outside, I have small pain. Kindly help me

Doctor: Hi.
Thanks for writing back to us.
– I am happy to hear that your back pain is alleviated. Coming to your knee and foot pain, there may be some very common causes for the same like:
> Age related Osteoarthritis.
> Deficiency of vitamin D and calcium in the body.
> sedentary life style.
– In this context, I would advice you the following.
> Try to drink 2 glasses of milk every day along with boiled egg, since milk is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.
> You can also start taking Vitamin D3+calcium supplementation. It is available in the form of tablets which can be consumed daily or in the form of granules which can be consumed weekly.
> And as I said you, try to spend at least 15-20 minutes everyday in doing physical exercise like walking, jogging and running.
Hope this answers your query.
Best wishes.
Try to follow all this, you will see the benefits of it, not very immediately but yes slowly.

Patient: thanks doctor, you are the best I ever consulted. Regards

Doctor: Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.
We are happy to help you.
All the very best for your future.
Warm regards.


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