Sir i am having constant higher temperature than others My

Patient: Sir i am having constant higher temperature than others… My temperature is always above than 99 Fahrenheit … I feel like heat is coming out from my bones… I always feel weak, tired, energy less…having cough,not too much, in my throat which i feel normal. My diet is fine but still no improvement in my health. I am 19 years old, 6 feet in height and weigh about 55 kg.. I often used to have fever when i was about 11 and continued with the same till for 3 years…. Doctor told that i had primary infection…. But now i get fever once or twice in a year but having constant high temp but don’t feel that i am suffering from fever…. Sir plz suggest me the causes and cure for my weakness, constant high temperature and tired days… Thanx sir

Symptoms: Coughing in throat but light, but sir one of the nostrils is always blocked changing sides in 10 to 15 minutes.