Sir, My son is 13 years old and he is a

Patient: Sir,My son is 13 years oldand he is a swimmer and practices swimmingfor total 3 hours daily( 1.5 hour in morning and 1.5 hour in evening)His height is 160 cm and weight 45 kgHis Hb (hemoglobin) is just 10.9Kindly advise :1. How much should be his Hb ?2. How can we improve his Hb?3. What diet should be given to him keeping in mind his hard swimming practice hours?

Symptoms: Allergy for nose from pollution

Doctor: Thank you for writing to usI think that he should reduce the amount he swims daily. Exercising to that limit per wee k will get him injured.Get him on a diet of Red meat. He must have at least 120 grams protein daily to fulfill the protein needs. Also, add on some iron by taking some iron syrup.See a dietician if the Hb levels are still low. They will help you design a diet plan that will cover the loss of iron. Also, please see a Doctor if the values continue to be low and can be due to a chronic disease. Wishing you the best.Hope this helps you.