Skin allergy and respiratory problems

Patient: My daugter is 4 years old, since she was 6 months she is suffering from Allergic respiratory probems and also skin allery. if the respiratory problem is cured then the skin allery will start and vicecersa.Pl advice on furthur treatment .

Symptoms: coughing,sneezing ,small dots on body as skin allery

Doctor: Such type of reciprocal phenomenon in presentation of allergic symptoms is not unknown. It is important for you to get your daughter’s complete allergy assessment done, by visiting an Allergy Specialist. Allergy Skin Prick Tests conducted by using painless, modified skin prick method are safe even in children. It is important to identify the cause of her allergies, to limit her exposure to such allergens in the environment. This will not only benefit her immediately by reducing her allergy symptoms, but also avoid long term complications like Bronchial Asthma, Otitis Media, Sinusitis and Chronic Atopic Dermatitis. All the best!