Skin Allergy Prolonged use of Cetrizine Hydrochloride

Patient: I was down with Jaundice in August 2006 and recovered after about 4 weeks with the Bilirubin, SGPT and SGOT readings coming to within normal limits.But the problem of itching, started when down with jaundice still continues.Since then I have tried almost all anti-histamines like Allegra with various potency, Alerid, LevoCet, Cetzine etc all under medical supervision.Consulted a good Dermatologist, who ordered for a blood test to ascertain if I suffer from some form of allergy and the test came positive. Did not proceed to find what was the allergen, as I was informed it was a very long and expensive process. On his advice, I am continuing with one Tab of Cetzine i.e., Cetrizine Hydrochloride, every two days. One tablet gives relief for roughtly 26 to 48 Hrs. After that if I don’t take the tablet, unbearable itching starts over the body and can literally start from any part of the body.Now that I am using this Tablet religiously for about 6 years, I want to know the long term implications of using this medicine and also any other type of treatment I should undertake. Any blood purifiers would help ?Thanks.Ramesh