Skin and Hypothyroidism

Patient: This is Geetha from Bangalore I am a twenty five year old female weighing sixty kgs with a height of five feet two inches I have not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism yet but my TSH was very slightly abnormal two months back while the T3 and T4 were normal The doctor whom I consulted told me to check the levels again after three months and did not put me on any medication Now I have an allergy kind of reaction to any product I use on my skin including sunscreen mositurize cocunut olive oil for simple massage mild soap such as Dove etc Anything I use tends to give me a rash which does not itch Also I had been to a dermatologist who gave me an antibiotic ointment and antihistamine tablet along with vitamin A to take Symptoms are still the same as it used to be initially If any it has worsened when I use any of the products mentioned above Also my skin has become very dry now and I started noticing stretch marks around calves and thighs I never had any skin problems before had a flawless skin Now I am at a loss as to what to do Please help