Skin bumps on face. Menopause?

Patient: I’m a 47-year-old, caucasian woman. I’ve recently noticed little bumps on my face, but they don’t turn into white heads. They don’t itch or swell or turn red. Is this hormonal?

Symptoms: Small white bumps on face

Doctor: Bumps on face may be caused by many reasons, infection, inflammation or allergy, to name a few. Some may change appearan ce over time as well, turning into red or white or hyper pigmented ones. Some are painless, while some others are painful, and may burst over time, leaving ugly scars. Menopause is a time when the body undergoes many hormonal changes, and thus it has important multi-systemic implications. The urogenital system is the one to undergo maximum changes, but other organs like bones and skin are not spared. It will be wise to have a thourough consultation with your family physician or generalist, who may eventually refer you to a skin specialist, if required.