Skin doctor for solving thigh tingling

Patient: My thighs are tingling at evening or night when i come home after my work and change my dress…its like i want to rub my both thighs very hard and i feel good while rubbing…..only after rubbing i feel like some tinglings are removed from my thigh…it happens daily …and increases very much when iam late to home and change my dress

Symptoms: Thigh tingling at night after long work

Doctor: Dear patient, The skin is host to numerous type of fungi and if the conditions are right like warmth and moisture the fu ngi will multiply rapidly and it causes intense itching and burning. This condition is most common in men and adolescent boys. I would suggest you to keep your skin clean and dry. Wearing loose fitting clothing may help by reducing friction and moisture buildup. And you can also use an antifungal ointment or spray. If your symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks then you go see a dermatologist.