Skin graft donor site

Patient: Hi. My son had a large skin graft done in October. His donor site healed but then last week started rubbing on his clothing and seemed to break down again in a small area. Plastic surgeon told him to put Bacitracin on and cover with telfa pads. Now ten days later it’s gotten worse. 60 percent has now become inflamed as he keeps changing the dressing. It is not infected but just oozes. He originally tried todry it out but because it islocated on his thigh he has to wear pants sometime and it isgets very messy. He had thisdone at a large NY hospital and I can not get a hold of the doctors. His next appointment isn’t till Jan 9. Any responses would be appreciated. Thank you.

Symptoms: Oozing clear and pink liquid

Doctor: Thank you for your questionI am concerned about the integrity of the skin graft. When the integrity is broken, the p atient becomes susceptible to infections.It appears the plastic surgeon you spoke to over the phone was also concerned and recommended a form of topical antibiotics.It also appears that despite the use of topical antibiotics, the integrity of the graft is worsening and the oozing would indicate a worsening infection.Oral antibiotics will be required but before the graft can be resealed, the wound may need to be packed with gauze so the fluid and infection can be “wicked” out.If you are unable to contact the original hospital or surgeon, a visit to your local emergency department would be appropriate.