Skin not regenerating and redness not going away

Patient: Dear Doctors,I recently noticed that my skin is not dealing well with irritation.What I mean is that when I get some excoriation it takes ages for the redness to go away.For instance, a little portion of my wrist excoriated due to a fall 3 months ago.I still have red spots on my wrist and they don’t look like they’re going to go away.Also I have a mid acne and even though I don’t develop many new pimples, like one or two every week, they just stay there forever.I’m taking fermented cod liver oil for o3, vitamins A and D, and I also tried some magnesium integrators, but nothing seems like helping significantly.Some maybe relevant informations:I moved in October in a colder, possibly less humid, climate region.I don’t eat meat, very few diary products. It eat fish.Moreover I don’t have any beard on my cheeks, even though my parents have normal beards.I had my hormonal levels checked, and everything is on an average level.Thank you for you attention,Alex

Symptoms: Skin redness, acne, irritation, swelling,constipation,beard

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.After reading your complaints, I think that you ate worried for delayed he aling. Sometimes it may happen that minor bruises may heal but may leave behind dark or red areas. This is very common in sun-exposed areas of the body. The beard over the face depends upon multiple factors not only genetic or hormonal.My advice is to take plenty of citrus fruits or Vitamin C tablets to quicken the healing.Hope this helps you.