Skin rash and pimples.

Patient: Hello,for several months now I have been having troubles with what I think is allergy. Since I started dating my actual boyfriend I have been having a real bad eyes and lips rash and trouble breathing (not always). The eyes get itchy and the lips sting. But it got really bad when I moved in with him (he was already living in the apartment). I’ve noticed that it gets notoriously better when it rains and a little better when it gets colder (when it’s hot it gets really agressive).Then it started getting less painful, but instead I would get small itchy pimples on the scalp ( back of my head only) and approximately at the same time I started getting rash on my neck (only front), which is itchy as well. Since I’m not able to control the itchiness all the time, now I have pretty big wounds on my scalp from scratching.My boyfriend has some skin rash on his chest and neck, and he’s been told by his doctor to treat with Terbinafine hydrochloride (since all of his family has it, he thought it is fungus). It has lasted in the family for 2-3 years, but only his brother and himself have been treating the problem.I know it is confusing, but any help would be much appreciated really.I was thinking of going to a doctor, but I don’t even know if I should go to an immuno allergologist or to a dermatologist. I have been to a general doctor and she didn’t help me at all, instead she told me to take pills with prednisolone as the active substance.If you can give any kind of useful advice, I will be very greatful.Thank you in advance and best wishes,Kate.