Skin Stretching after Weight Loss

Patient: I’m currently 16, and after about 10 months I’ve gone from 102kg to 70 kg. This has resulted in significant skin stretching, especially on my stomach. Is there anything I can do return my skin to normal?

Symptoms: Skin marks and stretching.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The stretch marks can be lightened, but it will take some time.Here are a few tips tha t you can try:1. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated, drink 3 litres of water2. Applying rose oil can help lightening them3. Cocoa butter and any good moisturizer have to be applied to the marks daily4. Avoid exposure to the sun and even if you do get a sunscreen coverage5. Bleach can be tried, go for natural ways like potato bleaches6. If all the above do not help, then you may seek medical help and try laser therapy. You will need multiple settings to get away with the marks7. Use of anti-stretch marks creams available over the counter may also help.Hope this helpedConsider meeting a cosmetologist and discuss further optionsRegards