Skin tag or Acrochordons – treatment options

Patient: Hello, First to thank you for the website. I have had this abnormal swelling on my left leg since childhood. I don’t know for sure whether it is a wart or not, so have attached two photos from it. It is easily movable: a full rotation around its point of attachment to the skin is possible. It was smaller 10 years ago, and has grown in pace with my overall body growth. Could you please help me identify what it is exactly, and should I go for surgery to remove it or it is OK to leave it as it is now? Thanks, James

Doctor: From the picture you’ve attached, it most definitely is a skin tag or acrochordon. Acrochordons, commonly known as skin tags, are an outgrowth of normal skin. They look like skin hanging on a stalk. Skin tags occur in approximately 25 percent of adults; the risk increases with age. Treatment is indicated if lesions are irritating or the patient desires removal for cosmetic reasons. Treatment options include excision with forceps or fine grade scissors, cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen and electrodesiccation.

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Guest: I have a hanging wart on my eyelid which my doctor advised me to tie with cotton. I did this over 2 weeks ago _ How long should this take before it falls off?