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Patient: On the tongue below, there is skin tags, like pimples and also thin ones which is like small thorns, it’s on the under tongue, new ones keep appearing, not painful. Once one became reddish and was painful for 3 days then it went off. Also there is a moveable lump behind the bottom teeth. The tags on the tongue is been doing and going for over two months. Is it HPV? I don’t have genital warts. But I keep getting pimples more like lumps on face and small acnes on forehead. But it keeps coming and going. There is one lump on upper chest. Important question is about the under tongue bumps.

Symptoms: Skin tags under tongue

Skin tags under tongue-1 Skin tags under tongue-1 Skin tags under tongue-1

Doctor: These appear to be sub-lingual CANKER SORES which can occur generally after eating spicy and often sea foods or taking bitter drinks. These cause local inflammation and increased salivary mucous secretion from sub lingual glands or circumvallate papillae which cause hypertrophy of the papillae and hence the thorny picture. These are self limiting and not associated with STDs or HPV infection either. They can be easily controlled by maintaining good oral hygiene and oral rinses with saline water. Usually antibiotics are not required but in case they get infected you may have to take a course of antibiotics on prescription of your physician. It is further suggested that you should visit a dental hygienist and get yourself examined as well for evaluation and further treatment if necessary.

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