Skip the last pill of the birth control pack

Patient: Hello, I am taking the birth control pill, 21 pack, Yasminelle. However, last week I was sick and vomited exactly 30 minutes after taking the pill. I took another one right after to make up for the one I vomited. So now I’m taking the Wednesday pill on Tuesday and so one therefore I will be missing 1 pill at the end of the 21 day pack. I was told that I should take a pill from another pack to complete the 21 days. However, this bothers me because birth control pills are expensive where I live and I didn’t want to go buy another pack just because of 1 pill! So, I was wondering if it would be ok if I don’t take any pill on the last day of the 21 pack? I read all the instructions on the Yasminelle pack about missing a pill but they don’t talk about if you miss or skip the very last pill of the 21 day pack. I’d finish 1 day earlier and then go right to the 7 day break and then start the new pack on the 8th day. Will it be safe and free of pregnancy if I do that? Thank you.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.You may be probably safe if you miss your last pill. But a lot would depend on the regularity of your periods, your sexual activity when you have your last sexual intercourse with your partner etc. See if your period comes on normally within 3-5 days after the last pill.Maybe you period may become 1 to 2 days early.Hope that answers your query .Have a good day.